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Nurture-U Student Advisory Group

Student Advisory Group Introductory video

Paid opportunity to guide and shape our research!

We have a Student Advisory Group who have helped us with every stage of the research so far, and will do until we finish.

So far, nearly 200 students have helped us with many parts of the project, for example::

Choosing the project name.

Designing the project logo.

Co-designing the Wellbeing Toolkit.

Advising on the self-help therapies.

Starring in promotional videos.

Helping with the on-campus and online marketing and awareness raising.

Posting on social media.


Click here for the summaries of all our termly update student group meetings so far! We have also had many meetings in between on development of the toolkit, social media, and promotion to name a few.

Everyone is paid for their contribution, and it can be a great thing to add to your CV (we can provide references). Students from all participating Universities can join at any point of the study.

If you're interested, please email

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