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Mental Health

Learn about the science and culture of wellbeing

and mental health.

In this new course you will learn how to promote wellbeing, to understand stress and poor mental health, and where to go for help.

All the information is based on good research evidence and has been developed with students as part of the U-Flourish project.

The course includes the following topics:

Introduction to the Science of Wellbeing, Mental Health, and Resiliency

The 3 S's – Stress, Sleep, Self-regulation

Alcohol, Recreational Drugs, and Mental Health

Study Life – Balance, Recreation and Wellbeing

Mental Health Awareness, Prevention, Early Recognition, Support

Translation of Knowledge around Student Wellbeing, Mental Health, Resiliency.

We are now testing the course with selected students and working with different departments to find out how best to put it in the curriculum for everyone.

We will find out if the course is helpful at:


Promoting understanding about wellbeing and mental health

Promoting healthy behaviours and coping skills


Reducing stigma around mental illness.

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