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The Nurture-U Wellbeing Survey

This is your chance to have your say.

You can help us learn how students are feeling,

what you find stressful,

what you find helpful,

and how this may vary.

We aim to involve over 5000 students in this detailed examination of student wellbeing.

The information we collect will help us understand what difficulties and problems students are having.

It will help us guide and improve services and resources so they work for all students.

The University of Exeter Spring 2024 wellbeing survey has now closed and the prize draw has been held.


The winners of the prizes will be contacted this week via email. Thank you to all those who took part, and congratulations to those who have won!

Autumn 2022 Survey Results

Thanks to all those who took part in our Autumn 2022 survey. Here is a summary of our provisional Autumn 2022 results:


6240 students have taken part so far, including 1753 students from the University of Oxford who took part in the first survey (November 2021). Followed by 4487 university students from Exeter, Cardiff, Newcastle, Southampton and Oxford, who completed the second wave of the survey (September-November 2022).


2002 University of Exeter students took part in the survey, with 1530 answering all the questions.

  • Although most students indicated good emotional health, nearly half of students reported having had a diagnosis of a mental health condition, learning difficulty, or challenging childhood experiences. Loneliness in particular affected over half of students.

  • Students from minority groups, such as those with disabilities, reported struggling more in these areas.

  • The survey did however find that health behaviours, including regular exercise, consuming less alcohol and caffeine, and being a non-smoker, improved wellbeing.

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