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Internet CBT

Research trial: Finding out what treatment works for who

Many universities offer digital cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT) for students who have anxiety and/or depression, because there is good evidence that it is effective.

These therapies can be offered as a self-help treatment, or with support from a mental health professional.

Some people prefer

self-help. There are no waiting lists and you can access it when you want.

For others, support from a professional may be really necessary and critical for their recovery.

Taking part will help us improve wellbeing services for others

We want to find out who does well with self-help alone, and who would only benefit from support by allocating participants by chance to self-guided internet CBT, or therapist-supported internet CBT. This can help us to improve services by better directing students to the right treatment.  Participants will complete questionnaires at the start of the study taking approximately 45 mins, designed to help us predict who might benefit from which treatment, and again after 3 months, taking 10-15 minutes.

This is an opportunity for free CBT treatment for students, which you may find helpful.​ You need to be currently experiencing elevated symptoms of anxiety and/or depression to take part.

It is open to participants from all our partner Universities, and all UK Universities.

Click here for more information about the study and here to read our Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy.

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