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Bounce Back

Research Trial: A new strengths-based approach to

student wellbeing

Students encounter many changes and challenges in their academic, social, financial, and family life.

We think that helping you to identify your strengths and plan how to apply these to challenging situations will help you stay well.

With the help of students, we have developed a workbook that is supported by a coach through telephone and email. The aim is that this will build resilience skills so you can better face the challenges that come with university life. We will allocate participants by chance to receive the workbook with support from a coach immediately, or after a six week delay.


We are testing it with students at the University of Exeter only. Participants will complete questionnaires about mental health and wellbeing at the start of the study, after 6 weeks, and after 12 weeks, each taking 15-20 minutes to complete.


Click here for more information about the study, and here to read our Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy.

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