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Nurture-U termly catch-up - 06/06/24

20 students joined us for our summer SAG meeting. This meeting was a little different in format as a group of us (researchers and students) used it to practice our presentations for the Smarten conference on 10th June.

Please find our presentations below - taken from the Teams recordings of the meeting.

Jemima Dooley, researcher

Loh Ivy, student advisor

Ellen Marshall, researcher

Lewis Merritt, Student Advisor

Kevin Matlock, researcher

Emma Davie, student advisor

Polly Card and Alanis Whitmore, researchers

Lucy Dorey, researcher

We only had a short time for discussion but some interesting points were made by the group. Lewis' presentation suggesting alternatives to exams provoked some conversation on how this could work in practice, especially with timetabling.

There was suggestion that those who completed the Mental Health Literacy course in Newcastle, where there were extra credits offered, may not have taken as much of the content in as those in Exeter who were volunteers. Ellen explained that the credits were just one of the many differences between how Exeter and Newcastle ran the MHL course that may have affected engagement.

There was also a question of how there may be overlap or intersection between the groups looked at in Jemima, Ivy and Emma's presentations, for example international students may report parental mental health differently, or there may be cultural differences in talking about finances. Jemima agreed and explained that we are only just beginning to analyse the data, and we will be exploring the nature of these relationships between different variables in more detail.

After these discussions, Jemima gave a summary of what is currently happening in Nurture-U, and the opportunities for student advisors to get involved in the next few months. This can be found in these slides:

SAG Summer 2024 presentation
Download PPTX • 4.08MB

In case you don't feel like scrolling through slides, upcoming opportunities are as follows:

  • Meeting to talk through Compassionate Campus findings

  • Meeting to design marketing for postgrad/international students to increase recruitment to trials over summer

  • Marketing for survey and trials in October.

If anything from these videos has interested you, or if you have different ideas for how we should look at our data, or you would like to look at the data yourself, please get in touch! Email

We asked students for feedback at the end, 7 students responded and they rated the meeting as 8.6/10. Students reported the meeting as insightful and interesting, but suggested perhaps we should talk a bit slower and have allowed more time. Which we definitely agree with as we overran!

Thank you all who attended and presented, and thank you to you for reading this summary!

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