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Compassionate Campus - focus group findings 01/07/2024

Thirteen students joined the meeting to hear about the initial analysis of the findings from the focus groups that were conducted as part of the Compassionate Campus project.

The aim of the meeting was to hear what students found interesting and important in order to help Jemima write up the findings for an academic paper.

There were 10 focus groups held across Exeter University and Kings College London, and 4 themes have been identified (+1 that is going to be for a different paper, discussed at a later date!)

You can see more details about the themes by downloading the PDF of the slides or watching the video of the meeting below. Please excuse some of the technical hiccups Jemima was experiencing in the video!

Compassionate Campus Presentation to SAG 010724
Download PDF • 2.12MB

Students provided feedback on the themes using mentimeter. You can see the comments below.

Next steps:

  • Jemima to write up the findings with the help of some of the student group

  • Jemima to hold a similar meeting on the last theme of 'belonging on campus' (which will be a separate paper

Thanks for reading!

If you're interested and would like to learn more or be involved, email

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