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Student Advisory Group termly catch up - 05/03/2024

Thank you to the 12 students who attended our student advisory group termly catch up!

You can download the slides here:

SAG Spring 2024 presentation
Download PDF • 5.32MB

Watch our video summary, or read more below..

We started with a quick refresh of the different parts of Nurture-U

  • Compassionate campus: collecting student stories of experiences at University. Find out more about the work going on at the University of Exeter here. There is also an anthropological study going on at King's College London - watch this space for more information!

  • Mental Health Literacy: this is being trialled at Newcastle University, with great results. Find out more about the course here!

  • Wellbeing Toolkit: 15 advisors have signed up to test the toolkit and provide feedback in a group discussion in mid April, email if you'd like to be part of this! You can sign up to use the toolkit here.

  • Survey - we're about to launch the Spring 2024 follow up survey, inviting all students who have taken part before to tell us how they feel 6 months later.

  • Trials - we're still trying to get as many students as possible to help test our app and different types of online therapy!

Discussion topics:


Students helped us with how we can get people to answer the questions in the follow up survey. Here are the feedback points:

  • Key words ‘win’ and ‘£200’ in bold

  • Remind people why we’re doing the research – what the outcomes will be

  • Tell people how the survey will improve the research and hence improve student experience in the future

  • Have payments for everyone (unfortunately we can't do this in the budget!)

  • Make the survey shorter, have the key questions at the start

Research trials advert:

Our old advert needs updating - needs to be shorter and more engaging. The group came up with the following ideas:


  • Make the process of taking part as clear as possible – so specific benefit, specifically what we’re trying to help with, what will happen etc

  • Make a video with clips showing how you sign up – make it clear what will happen if you click

  • E.g. include the emails they will receive

  • Also useful to have an infographic post to show how it works? 

  • Show different parts of the app, as you progress

  • Focus on the end results of taking part rather than the process

  • Not just student faces, have some greenery, some campus life

  • If lots of different students contributing to the same video, make sure they’re doing it in the same style


  • Scripts are robotic, but do need to include the right information

  • Emphasising “you”

  • Starting off with a question that grabs attention

  • People walking and talking around campus

  • Use hashtags

University Mental Health day

The group gave us different ideas on how to promote Nurture-U on University Mental Health Day (14th March 2024).

  • Exeter Forum stall (or similar space at other unis!) – hot drinks, food

  • Make reaction video – ‘how do you deal with stress?’ or ‘what are you stressed about right now?’

  • Need incentive to take part 

  • Linking with societies

  • Networking session 

  • Food / presenting and promoting the research

  • Cupcake decorating 

  • Safe space to discuss what people are struggling with

(We love the idea of the networking/cupcake decorating session - thinking we're going to try it for World Mental Health Day in May!)

Last few updates:

The Newsletter is still going out monthly! Let us know if you'd like us to share anything in it, we have about 900 subscribers.

Our social media team is actively creating content! If you'd like to join let us know.

Sorry if there have been any delays to payments recently! The finance system is quite complicated here. Do get in touch if you think you're owed money and we'll look into it.

Next steps:

Ongoing social media meetings

Toolkit meeting in April

Next termly meeting will be after Easter - hopefully with survey results!

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