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Summer Social Media Ad design - 24/06/2024

Fifteen students joined the meeting to help us re-design our social media advert to help get more students in over the summer months.

Jemima explained that after many meetings helping us design our social media adverts we finally hit upon one that worked in March. It was getting in about 10 students per trial per week, which was a perfect amount to keep numbers up while not overloading the research team.

However, in the last few weeks recruitment has slowed a LOT, with about three students joining a week across all trials.

We didn't know if it was that the advert had got stale, or whether it's just a natural effect of the university year having finished for most students.

Using a Mural, we asked students to comment on how we can re-vamp our current advert to make it appeal to students over the summer.

Student comments on the Mural can be found here:

Download PDF • 310KB

The main feedback was to keep to a general 'summer' theme rather than target one particular demographic (e.g. international students) and to change the wording/colours.

After the meeting, Jemima put a few different concepts together and asked students to vote and provide feedback.

Alanis and Jemima put all the feedback together and this is our final carousel ad!

We'll keep you posted on if it's helped recruitment!

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